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GEP Field Trials



VKST Field Trials performs a wide range of GEP (Good Experimental Practice) efficacy and selectivity studies for registration purpose carried out in all arable crops following EPPO-guidelines. The GEP system gives guidelines for the staff at trial organizations on facilities and equipment as well as procedures on how to perform efficacy trials on pesticides e.g. planning, trial designs, reports, and requirements for files and reports. For each function in the trial organization, there are standard operation procedures which are reviewed and inspected by the authorities every year. GEP trials are part of the documentation for registration of new pesticides.

Studies made by VKST Field Trials are fully confidential and carried out under a secrecy agreement between the actual company and VKST Field Trials. Our knowledge of the local occurrence of weeds, pests and diseases provides an ideal base for successful trials and our network of local farmers ensure the coverage of all key crops and targets. Modern field trial equipment is developed and available. 


We offer efficacy testing within the following categories:

  • Fertilizers
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Rotation/crop tolerance studies
  • Selectivity/Crop safety



We provide quick initialization of trials and offer frequent updates and information delivered by the appointed study director throughout the testing period. All data are collected electronically in the field and ARM software (Agricultural Research Management) are used for data processing. Data can be reported successively to the contractor on request. Data handling and final reports containing all needed information for registration of the products are delivered for all trials.

GEP trials can be carried out in Denmark and Sweden (HS-Malmöhus (South Sweden) and Klostergården (Mid Sweden)) Finland (LUKE and NSL), Latvia (LAAPC) and Lithuania (LAMMCZI), as VKST Field Trials collaborate with these institutes and trial stations as subcontractors for VKST Field Trials to meet the demands from each costumer.