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National Field Trials



Every year the Danish Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, (Department for Crop Production) together with crop advisers throughout the country carry out more than 1000 field trials. VKST Field Trials carry out approximately 100 of these trials. The national trials differentiate from other trials by targeting the national farmer’s needs for useful results and new knowledge. The trials are with different crop varieties and cultivation methods all in an effort to identify the optimal combinations that can give farmers the best production conditions for a high economic yield. The National trials have a long history from the beginning of the 20th century. Every year since 1971 a book entitled “Oversigt over Landsforsøgene” (Summary of National Trials) has been published containing the results from all field trials carried out in Denmark. For national trials we use the Nordic Field Trial System (NFTS) for trial planning and data handling.  

Map showing VKST Field Trials National trials and VKSTs Private trials this year. (press “F5”)