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Compatibility tests

Farmers commonly combine two or more different pesticides to increase flexibility to reduce spraying time and cost. However; not all pesticide combinations mix well in the tank even though each product alone mixes well. Incompatibility may lead to application problems, have poorer effect on target pests and/or cause crop injury. Therefore we offer to make your compatibility test to make sure you will not get any compatibility problems.


Demonstration trials/plots

We offer to setup demonstration trials to e.g. test product efficacy on special weed types, spray technique, seeding depth, mixing problems observed in practice, and more.

All demonstration trials are carried out as simple tests typically with one-two replicates and control plots nearby (untreated).

Grain quality evaluation (NIT analysis)

VKST Field Trials is in possession of a NIT (Near Infrared Transmission) instrument for determination of grain and seed quality. The NIT instrument delivers precise analysis results quickly and data can be delivered to the client within few days after harvest of the trial. The NIT instrument is connected to the Danish cereal-NIT-network and calibrated every day ensuring a precise and valid analysis of each grain sample.

Grain quality analysis can be performed on plot or treatment level depending on your request.


Linear dose response spraying

One of our self driven plot sprayers includes a linear dose response system to make screen studies of herbicides. By using a linear sprayer, a wide dose spectrum can be evaluated regarding effect and selectivity. The Linear sprayer is outstanding research equipment for demonstration trials, which only requires a limited space in the field. We offer to sow out many different crop and weed species alone or in combination to meet your specific test requirements.

Soil analysis

We offer to take and analyze soil samples on trial or field level. Samples are taken by ATV, GPS and automatic equipment is used to secure a uniform and valid sampling. Samples are analyzed and parameters as soil texture, soil reaction index (Rt), phosphorus level (Pt), potassium level (Kt), and Magnesium level (Mgt) are given.