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Variety Testing


In order to grow a successful crop, it is important for the farmer to select the best available and proper variety that is adapted to local growing conditions. We conduct crop performance tests to provide private seed companies with agronomic information. Variety tests are carried out in cereals, oil seed rape, peas and grass for seed.

Variety testing can be situated on different locations in both Denmark and Sweden. A variety of soil types from heavy clay to sandy soils are available. Climate conditions vary from hard winter in Sweden to
typical temperate climate.


The trials are professional managed and sowing of the small plots is done with a GPS-system in order to minimize variability and to ensure the integrity of the results. Tests are conducted under as uniform conditions as possible, why small plots are used in order to reduce the chance of soil and climatic variations occurring from one plot to another. Plot size can be made after wishes, ranging from a width of 1.5-2.0m and length of 5-12m, or longer in special situations.

Variety tests include sowing of the crop, crop maintenance after local standards, yield data, crop quality analysis, data handling and presentation of results.